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  每个人每天、每时、每分、 每秒、都会有不一样的心情,下面是小编收集整理的简单的英文个性签名,欢迎大家阅读参考!


  1, the tears also want you to be happy.

  2, though I can't express it, I still try to let her know that I love her.

  3, no one will catch up with one's pace, nor will it be cumbersome.

  4, I'm sorry, I don't have Lee Jung Hyun's acting skills, I can't perform your so-called crazy.

  5, give me seven years, I let you kneel in front of me.

  6, love you is my business, please do not take this kind of capital, wasting in front of me.

  7, I pointed to her to my brothers: "I will marry her later, not her, you do not come to my wedding."

  8, I am a very principled person. My principle is only three words, look at the mood.

  9, I'm not so lucky Lin Xiao, lost Jane Creek, there is a sogo.

  10, those who are always too far away, so that Russia can never find out.

  11, alone, who did not.

  12, what you said, what you like, how you treat me well, I have never forgotten in my heart. I did not forget it in the past, but I will not forget it now.

  13, so many glass shoes, many people fit, there is no unique.

  14. What do you do so early? The nightclub is not open yet.

  15, I picked up a mouse pad today, want to match a computer, everyone said that there are still shortcomings?

  16, sometimes forgive a person is not really willing to forgive him, but we really do not want to lose him.

  17, the most frequent contacts are not necessarily stronger than strangers.

  18, I love you, touched me.

  19. What is happiness? It is to cover up my sadness and smile to everyone.

  20, I do not need your gentle, because you, do not match me gentle.

  21, although some things are still unforgettable, some people even forget to miss them.

  22, I want to live strong, you will no longer hurt that person's heart.

  23, eight quit, do not think you stand under the street lamp is the night Ming pig!

  24, too much attention to other people's views will eventually have two outcomes: either they are exhausted or let others die.

  25, after all, I couldn't beat the BMW. I could only see it go away in the sunset. It was not my engine but my car chain.

  26, if I can, I prefer to say that I love you, but we have nothing to do with it.

  27, love is like changing clothes. Who will pay the bill after a fresh period?

  28, meet you, my quiet life from then on.

  29, I do not want to fight many people, as long as those who dare to go.

  30, the children with the original and written words are never happy, and their happiness is like a playful child, wandering to the sky, wandering to the sky but not returning.

  31, to live is not to please the world, but to please oneself in one's own way of life.

  32, success is not only in the future, but from the moment when decisions are made.

  33, wherever you go and what weather, bring your own sunshine.

  34, every time the canteen aunt hears the bell ring, he will have his heart in mind: the enemy will arrive at the battlefield in 30 seconds.

  35, what's wrong with the world? There are so many sad people.

  36, if you can't smile and forget, please allow yourself to cry and miss.

  37, even if abandoned, do not feel sad and tired, squat down and hug yourself, still stubbornly say: but so.

  38, forgiveness can not change the past, but it can change the future.

  39. Everyone is lonely. As a result, we learned to be strong and learned to be independent.

  40, because I Taoxintaofei to love you, so I can only give you heartless.

  41, when I was a child, happiness was simple. When I grow up, it is simple and happy.

  42, maintain a confidence, maintain a dignity, rather arrogant to moldy, and do not die crazy crazy.

  43, the ambiguity between you and her, I have the bottom of the eye.

  44, the song of a single cycle depicts our naivety.

  45, one night's love makes people feel depressed.

  46, memory is like the water in the palm of your hand. Whether you spread it or hold it, it will still drip clean from the fingers.

  47, do not do not envy the allure of the red wolf, grey wolf has hell-bent love.

  48, I have been wondering why teachers should invite parents, even those who are not educated by minors, and want to educate adults.

  49. Even if you're hit by a mosaic, I recognize it.

  50, we will never be able to return to the past when we are strangers.

  51, only because of the time to think about the future is too good.

  52, I think a person can say to me: you do not need to change yourself, I will get used to you.

  53, I taste the joy of struggle, and strive for my life.

  54, after you leave me, do you still get used to it? She should not be alone. Don't let her be alone.

  55, has become a habit, fool like nothing to take a look at your head.

  56, thank those who hurt me, you make me stronger.

  57, man: before the engagement, like son, obey in every way. After a betrothal, like a son, learn to talk back. After marriage, like Lao Tzu, give orders.

  58. When you are in despair, the most important thing is to look up to yourself. When you succeed, the most important thing is to look up to others.

  59, there is a kind of love that makes you happy bystanders, but I want to be your happy participant.

  60, when life gives you one hundred reasons to cry, you show it with one thousand reasons.

  61, dachidabei see yourself, see friends change radically.

  62, the lost heart, can you find it back?

  63, the mood is just an attitude to life.

  64, my world does not allow you to disappear, regardless of the ending is perfect.

  65, in the future, you will be grateful to you who are working hard now.

  66, those old people never forget, but just don't want to mention it again.

  67, we look like a needle on the surface, constantly rotating, turning on one side, looking at the time to leave in a hurry, but powerless.

  68, let you go, is the pollution of the environment.

  69, I don't need your fake smile, it will only hurt my eyes.

  70, you change for the person you love, the person who loves you changes for you.

  71, in fact, I know you don't expect much, but I didn't even say goodbye.

  72, look up to the sky, originally, I also have some of your memories.

  73, when the sun rises and rises again, those things will never happen again. Those people will never get together again.

  74, love is not necessarily a pain, pain does not necessarily represent love.

  75, the most proud one is not being pursued by many people, but one who will never give up on you anyway.

  76, you are wrong, fall in love with you is wrong, leaving you is wrong.

  77, my memory is not living on the other side of The Strip, but my ring is dead at the head of The Strip.

  78, love, never caters. It is true love if it is not scattered and scolded.

  79, do not make a hypothesis, the reality of it.

  80, the first person to think of in the morning and the last person to think of at night is not the one who makes you happy, but the one who makes you miserable.

  81, when the exercise is a boyfriend's obligation, but not boyfriend right.

  82, there is a feeling that invisible is visible to us; there is a feeling that it is invisible to the Internet.

  83, noble you, Lao Tzu can not afford.

  84, we said that no matter how good it will be.

  85, they don't care, be neither hot nor cold do not cherish.

  86, the only reason why a woman wears a skirt is swiftness when going to the toilet.

  87. I laugh at my feelings and I can't take care of myself.

  88, the makeup of the pale face, I hung a smile.

  89, the head is big, the neck is thick, the action is stupid like a pig!

  90, do not rely too much on a person, because of dependency, so expect, because of expectations, so disappointed.

  91, others are good, and others. I am no longer able to be myself. If you try to be the best you can, life is enough.

  92, I can only love you for a lifetime, but I can not love you for a while.

  93, the more people laugh at their ideals, the more valuable they are.

  94, sixteen years old, rainy summer, you live in my heart, tell me what is missing.

  95. We run to the toilet after class. We don't want to have a handsome guy on the way to the toilet.

  96, fate and fear are all twists and turns.

  97, if I can go back to the past, I will choose not to know many people.

  98, we are sleeping in class, class bounce, exam dead.

  99, too much love a person will often fantasies around you, and then more and more sad......

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